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Hi Whitey here just joined forum. have a 5 foot tank with lge canister filter, heater ect not really being used. I have kept lge devils and oscars over the years but want to try something different. thinking bara, saratoga or mangrove jack?? can anyone over advise on water and tank set up and care. which of the 3 are best alround bang for your buck. what size can i go upto in this tank? any other feed back would be gratefully received

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Hi whitey

On behalf of Members & the Moderation Team welcome to QLDAF.

There are many sections here to explore & many members with alot of knowledge to share.

Please feel free to ask questions & be involved in some of the great discussion's we have here at QLDAF.

Here at QLDAF we have a dedicated section to cater for natives and one for monster fish, i'm sure if you look there you will find some great info,

Australian & PNG Natives

Monster & Rare/Exotic Fish

Also When you have the time please spend a minute to read the following;



we also have a noxious fish list for qld


that should give you a bit to read, but in the mean time enjoy our forum and i look forward to hearing what you end up getting, myself i'd love a saratoga later on,


QLDAF Moderation Team.

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I personally love barra. Have kept them many years ago and they have personality.All though a 5 ft tank would not be big enough if you are going to grow him to a decent size.I got mine at about 3cm and they would smash feeders about half their size.Was cool watching them stalk their prey.Have never kept a jack or toga so cant comment on them but if you stick around here you will get all the info you need.welcome to the forum.

Cheers Leigh

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