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Video from the 10foot

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9000L sump pump and 6x2x18 sump

I've also got a 4x3 running into it with its own 2500L pump

Some fish I've had a few years others I've picked up over time

The male Dovii is the third one I've put in there cause the other two woke up one day

and started a war. This one for now is ok

I have other large Americans in there own tanks that I could put in there

but at about 20 large fish I feel it's about right

4 2 pairs red devil

4 2 pairs green snooks

3 1 pair + male hartwegi

2 large pleco

2 1 pair Dovii

2 1 pair jags

1 f synspiluim

1 m marble fenny

1 m Zonatum


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