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Im currently setting up a 6x2x2ft tank and im looking at putting some crimson spotted rainbows, eastern rainbows, hardyheads, empire gudgeons, firetail gudgeons, glass perchlets and pacific blueeyes in it. Im just wondering how many rainbows would comfortably fit in this tank? would 2-4cm long-armed shrimp be able to live in the same tank? also would 10cm rainbows be able to live in the same tank as 3-4cm rainbows?


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It's probably best not to stock the shrimp as those long arm ones are good predators and will gradually eat your rainbows. A 6 fot will house quite a lot of rainbows of varying size. I have about 30 fish of mixes species including gudgeons and this is pretty light stocking. It probably more depends on the filtration you are going to use. If your after some fish to stock the tank let me know I have a few mixed species I am looking to move on.

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Yeah I agree with David, avoid the macros (long arm prawns) like the plauge. I wish I had, they killed a Large male M. Synergos that I had. Next day the macros where back in the pond. Don't risk it.

Best shops for Rainbows are:

1. Mappins on Montague Rd West End. They are Rainbow specialists.

2. Annerley Aquarium on Old Cleveland Rd. They have a really outstanding selection.

3. Exotic Fish connections at Rocklea gets some good stuff in and are great especially for Gudgeons and Blue Eyes.

If you want to buy great native plants, fish and inverts via the mail try AQUGREEN. Dave Wilson has some awesome stuff.

AQUAGREEN Freight Information

Next I would consider joining ANGFA, at least take a look at the website. Next meeting is the second Friday in June and then 2nd in August.. October etc

Come along as it is a great place to get rare and quality Rainbows and other natives, plus plants etc that you will not find in the shops. You will also learn sooo much.

Here is the website for QLD ANGFA

The Home of ANGFA(Qld) - Home

and the ANGFA forum

ANGFA Forums :: Index

Other websites

to check out

Rainbowfish.info - Rainbowfish, Blue eyes, Australia, New Guinea

which is an international one

Home of the Rainbow fish:

Home of the Rainbowfish

Also take a look at Adrian Tappins E Book on rainbows which you can download for free here and if you load it up via itunes you view it on Ebooks on your ipad or iphone.


There are quite a few Native nuts on this forum and you will get to know us as you find your way around the forum.



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Here is a better newer edition of Tappins Rainbow fish book.


and instructions on how to view it on and tablet or smart phone ebook reader.

"Here's how you do it though...

Firstly you need to add the book to your iTunes library. The easiest way to do this is just to drag and drop it into your iTunes library.

When you go to the "Books" section of your library you should now see the book.

Now connect up your iPhone (or iPad if you like) and when the device is connected browse to the device in iTunes so you can see it's sync status. You'll see a set of tabs along the top, go to the books tab and turn on syncing for books. If you only want the rainbow fish books just make sure you select the specific books to sync.

To access the book on the iPhone go into iBooks and then select to view PDFs and you should find the book."

If you don't want to use itunes (which is actually quite easy you can also use a PDF reader app. Dropbox is really good too: you can dump all sorts of files (word, powerpoint, PDF, etc) in a folder on your computer and it syncs with your phone through an online account. you can then view all those files directly on your iphone.

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