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FS/FT - 6x2 stand $30 Quick Sale!

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Stand for quick sale

- suit 6x2

- top size is 182.5 cm x 62 cm, height 73 cm

- distance between 1st and 2nd shelf is 53 cm

- 1"x1" steel frame - both top and bottom shelves have steel frame also.

- 18mm ply top (from memory)

- timber surrounds on both shelves so you don't see styrofoam and tank base....nice.

PRICE: Only $30 or trade for a couple female albino longfin BN or something....



** Needs to go - my 6 ft tank is going on pallet racking, so this needs to go....

** Don't let the relatively small size frame fool you, this comfortably held my 6x2x18..You and your best mate can jump around on it all day....

** There is room for 1ft or even 15" tanks between the two shelves.

** Its taking up 18 square ft in my garage atm....I keep pushing it from one side to the other....so pls make it go away.

Will swap for female albino long-fin BN or something else - female firemouth, dwarf cichlids etc (but not africans, except maybe dwarfs cichlids)....


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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