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So i bought a colony of guppies

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The other day i was surfing those strange facebook fish pages and came across a guy i had dealt with a few times basically saying he was selling up everything. I had bought a few guppies of him a few weeks ago and found what he had to be reasonable i wouldnt say show quality but display fish certainly. I made him an offer he accepted so i went down yesterday to pick them up. I knew there was quite a lot so i wrangled my old man to going halves with me.

Well lets just say we got more than we bargained for. i separated them into 2 equal piles. i say that because the amount i got was massive. i stopped counting at 100 in each pile. That was before i got to the fry. The old man wasnt keen on the fry so i have put them in my 3 foot along with all the other fish we scored. my problem is i think i have way too many guppies in the display tank now :S I think i will separate the females and put them in the office tank (old man took all the females in there) and i have no clue what to do with the fry im thinking i will have to leave them in the main tank as the office tank is a little smaller. Catching these fish is gonna be a pain. I want to get my 7 footer soon so i can just let them go crazy.

Well over 200 fish plus fry for $80. I couldnt pass them up for that.

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