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i just recieved a 8x2x2.5 about a week or so ago and after reading everyone elses threads i thought that i may start my own.

when i recieved the tank it had 5 bulkheads 2x20mm bulk heads for water in and 3x25mm bulk heads for water out . after talking to ''fish junkie'' and ''kenster'' which i might add they were very helpful ive decided to change to 2 25mm in bulkheads and 4 40mm out bulk heads so i got mad-and-angry to come around are drill over the pre-existing holes which i got told of a tank builder o the coast here that it couldnt be done but yeah mad-and-angry did it no probs at all

my tank will be running a 5x15x18 sump that i just ordered of mad-and-angry running a 8000 to 10000liter sump pump in yet to get from kenster as im pretty sure hes run of around 80 or 90watts and the 10000 liter pump ive got runns just shy or 200watts

heatering will be 2x 300watt jager heaters

STOCKLIST: ok well what im hoping for not sure if it will work so let me no what u think. i want to find a juvie giant gourami really want a red tail gourami but i love pink gg aswell so im happy either way with a juvie saratoga and im hoping some peacock bass would be ok with these guys let me no what you guys think.

ok well heres a pikb (excuse my ugly mug)


all ive dont since this photo is had the back painted black and the holes drilled

ill post more piks and info as i go along

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Nice work mate, you seem pretty happy with it.

Looks like its coming along nicely.

As for your stocking you may have troubles finding a juvie RTGG but pinks pop up every now and then.

They will probably go well as juvies and the GG and PB both have fast growth rates so either one shouldn't out grow the other.

But every fish is different and if that fish decides one day it does like who it is living with it can end badly.

Then again they may all live happily together for ever.

I would switch the toga for a silver arow then it would be totally exotic tank.

But it is worth a try and see how they go.

Keep us posted.


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Fish always pop up forsale every now and then but its a matter of timing.

As for bottom dwellers I have 4 plecos in with mine. If your looking at up grading your tank down the track there is always the option for a ray or 2.

But there are heaps of catfish species out there. You'll find the GG will fill all levels of the tank.


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Looks good mate, You say you cant go wider, A saratoga and GG will outgrow the tank in a few years anyway lol.

Have seen a tank with both as adult fish living quiet happily in a tank the same size. Considering there use to be a lfs in bris with a gg in the back corner in a little 3ftr I think they will be ok for a fair while

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Hey mate

I have an 8 x 2.5 x 2.5 tank as well. One thing mine has which I love is the 40mm bulkhead at the bottom of the tank....it makes doing a water change a breeze. I can all but empty the tank in under 5mins. I have a very similar stocking list to yours and the same size sump however I run a 200lt drum full of k1 as well. Your fish will do really well in there. Looking forward to seeing it all set up!

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Yeah I'm going to use k1 in my sump I'm pretty sure lol not a 200l drum full but yeah would be awesome to see some pics of your tank

I shall put some up when I am home next, working away at the moment.

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ok so i thought id do a little update

havent really dont much tho acouple weeks ago i recieved my sump


which i had to cut the side of my cabinet out and made a hiden removable panel



it turned out good cant even tell it can be removed.

and so today i got my electrician mate around to put a power point in behind the tank and assemble a 6ft batten light and screwed inside to cabinet to see the sump area easier for maintanence and what not, so because i have the tank away from the wall i thought id tackle the plumbing for the sump


so getting there just have to get the sump pump of kenster now and im also thinking i need a uv-c. does anyone have any ideas on brand and whatnot to look into???

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i met up with kenster yesterday and picked up my new sump pump and jap mat, didnt relise how big the pump was lol they are massive big thanks ken. gave me a some great ideas for the plumbing.


so today i tackled and finished all the plumbing, very confusing since its my first time doing it but im pretty happy with the outcome


as ken advised i put a T piece near the pump with a ball value so i can run water back to the first chamber of the sump if i think i have to much flow in the tank but also might run a UV-C of it so its not on the main lines to the tank


almost ready to get wet, just wanna decide on substrate and give the inside of the tank a good clean

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