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Wtb- gravel for 5x2x2

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Hey guys I am looking for some gravel to put in my 5x2x2. Open to almost anything at the moment. But don't want sand. I pretty keen on some black gravel but like I said at this stage I am open. Let me know what you guys have

Cheers Jamie

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There is a stone merchant in Archerfield Road at Inala. He sells different size gravels in 20kg bags. I think I remember paying about $20 or $25 a bag early last year. Not sure what colours he has but definately worth a look. I got 80kg for a 5ft x 1.5ft and used about 70kg. This gave me about 2" at front and 3" at back. Your tank is 30% bigger so I would suggest a minimum of 100kg.

I think what I got was called Coffs Harbour Gold. Looks good and also quite natural.

Hope this helps

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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