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FS: Bulkheads, Purigen, Bio cubes,

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All things are 'Make an Offer', pretty keen to get it moved on, so probably first reasonable but not taking the piss offer could get rather lucky!

Bio-cubes - for Aerobic Bacteria,

Approx 230 - 275 Bio-cubes

If I remember each bucket in the picture when i filled them up took well over 100.. if you think you are getting jibbed you are welcome to count them all than re-negotiate haha... just the typical sized ones so 40mm x 40mm...

little over 1Litre Purigen un-used + 200g semi-used for sale (comes with some nice little bags to put in, just need to get ya own zipties!)

got 4 x 25mm bulkheads plus pipe adapter fitting, also 2 screwed elbows.. bulkhead threads are cut so when tightened up will fit a screwed fitting flushly on it.

See photos...

Pick up from Everton Hills, can either PM me on here or contact me, Tim 0438 013 023... Cheers.




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PM sent to ya discus_noob!

also add to list got fair amount of some 25mm Irrigation Black hose stuff... the thin wall stuff that you just use plug in barb fittings and don't need clamps for... can buy by the Meter if like be... Put photo up tomorrow when find it it in the day light!

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