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just a old 550d on auto settings for close up mode with the standard 18-55mm lens just point and shoot basically haha nothing to write home about. Only had a few minutes spare and they were all displaying this morning so did not get time to set it up properly. I will be getting my 100mm L series macro lens this week and a 5d mark III in next month so I will have some better photos as I will actually want to set it up properly and do a proper shoot soon for everyone.

DW Shon I am taking good care of these babies :) They get fed like kings and have a great tank with LOTS of filtration ( 2 x 2217s for the tank). One xeno decided to play jump but he recovered perfectly thats how tough your fish are ;) and now tank is protected by glad wrap until I get perspex next week haha! I have a 3 foot t5ho lighting unit and I do not even turn it on as they only get natural light such a waste haha!

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