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WTB: Driftwood and Rocks

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What Im looking for:

Ideally a few pieces of driftwood to fit in a 6 x 2

Pieces can range in size doesnt matter

Prefer pieces that give off less tanins but ill take whats on offer

Offer me what you got and what sort of money your chasing. If youd like a swap for something let me know happy to trade.


Can be any size as well.

Doesnt matter what sort of rocks just let me know size and price your chasing.

This is all for my festae tank. Thank you!

P.S Any freebies are welcome LOL!

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I have driftwood(no tannins) & rocks available..location Burleigh Waters (4220).I am attaching two examples of the wood.

These are the smaller pieces I offer for sale on Gumtree but I do have some larger very nice pieces measuring 1 to 1.3 mtrs.

Please ring me on 0407444325 if you are interested & I can email more pics & we can talk price.I am looking for Albino Bristlenose females if you have some to swap..





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hey mate I've found (tipped off by another member) that if you go for a walk or two along some local freshwater creeks you will find some absolute gems of rocks and drift wood. Me and the Mrs went for a trip down to the currumbin rock pools and came home with 2 20l buckets full of rocks. I just found a shallow part and walked through picking out the ones I liked. Once I got them home I gave them a chlorine bath for 24 hours, then a safe bath for 24 hours and then a day in the sun.

Cheapest way to scape a tank :) I've also had a look at what pete has and there are some stunning pieces of drift wood, all at a good price to so might be worth the hike.


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Yeah it's a national Park however I asked the ranger and he gave me the tip of going down to the concrete causeway you cross on your way in. Anything outside those green signs isn't a park. So yeah was in the clear and made sure before hand :)

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A ranger hasn't got the authority to give you the OK, no matter what his inflated ego may say. Npark or not, anywhere in Qld it is an offence to remove fauna/flora/any items that are not on your own property................I know.............I copped it just for removing some driftwood from the pine river

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