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Baby Brine Shrimp (Breeding)

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you dont breed them you hatch them, personally i use a 2 lt soft drink bottle with an air stone in the lid, cut the bottom and fill with water you need salt at around 25ppt or 10 level teaspoons of sea salt. add 1/2teaspoon of artemia cysts(brine shrimp eggs/lt) max, you need enough air to suspend them but not enough to throw them around. if you can stand it up in a tropical tank and the water temp will be perfect 22-24 degrees c. hatch in around 24/30hrs. to harvest them turn off the air stone, the empty shells and unhatched eggs will float and the baby brine shrimp will drop to the bottom. unscrew the lid and drain the brine off. discard the rest. using a brine shrimp net ( very )fine catch the brine shrimp. you can on grow or keep some for later put them in an aquarium of same water conditions and feed on dry yeast dissolved in water to activate it. they don't need much overfeeding will fowl the water fast.

keep in mind baby brine shrimp are at there most nutrient to the young fish in the first 24hours after they hatch as they still have there yolk sac. hope that helps

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