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sugestions & maybe some help

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hi there everyone i am feeling a bit generous and

i have 2 spare 2fts that i would like to give away

to some 1 who is just getting into the hobby or a

child that loves fish and has not had the pleasure

of owning fish yet. i am going to give 1 2ft tank

with gravel some fake plants a few albino bns and

some cheery shrimp just somthing very easy to take

care of and will look ok for a first tank to 2 seperate ppl.

also i was just wondering if any one would be willing

to help out some one with there first tank by donating

a small air pump and sponge filter for the tank or tanks

as i have none spare at the moment or i would for this

great oppatunity for a lucky person. any sugestions would

be appreciated

thanks for reading

cheers olly

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thanks you raycam just let us know will all go to a good cause hopefully find a couple of good


wolfgang thanks very much for the offer bit far to travel but if

over that way may take you up on that.

steveandjules will contact on monday

if thats cool and organise a time to pick up, they will tidy up fine i reckon :)

goldenswimmers thank you also for your offer but dont travel to south side that

much but if do will let you know mate cheers

thanks every one it will make some one very happy


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