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Todays events :(

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Basically just a super quick run down on my episode today.

Whilst at work i had noticed my misses had tried calling me numerous times over a short time so I called her back. Upon answering the phone she said " What the f_ck do i do? The fish tank just cracked and theres water all through the house?"

Obviously i made sure the fish were ok and once I had that established then my concerns went to the house full of brand new carpet as well as the new carpet i had just laid in the man cave ( garage )

Luckily enough my misses was home with her visiting when the 4ft tank cracked and blew out in the dining room. Thanks to alot of buckets as well as 4 washing machine loads of towels- there was no damage to the house.

So i faced my next dilemma- i have fish but no tank for them to be homed into. Luckily enough I remembered that a mate has just decided to sell his 5x2x2 on a stand for $700. After a quick phone call I got him down to a much better price :)

Anyways its now 11pm and its all set up and ready to go again. So on a bad note i lost a great tank today that had a cabinet and matching hood for the curved tank- but on a better note- I went from a 4ft x 18" x 18" for a 5x2x2! :)

once i have it all back dropped and have the tank scaped properly then I will post some pics.

Just thought I would share my eventful day with you all to remember people to check their HOUSE AND CONTENTS INSURANCE!!!!

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I like how you even had the crack on time delay to entertain the missus... :) good outcome to a bad situation though and as long as nothing else damaged...nice ending...how did you go with replacing the tank water???..thats always one of the hard parts....water is like liquid gold in a fishee world :)

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