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I noticed yesterday that my bristle nose hasn't been moving much (if at all) for about two days.

Last night I thought the worst... she is dead.... but when I went to get her out I noticed she is still breathing just very stiff?

She was always very tame, would feed off my hand and come to my hand if I put it within 3 inch's of her.

So I picked her up and relocated her to another tank (my old broken top fluval edge). This morning she is exactly the same, I changed the flow in the tank and it started to blown her upside down, she swam to correct her self and has been sitting in the same spot ever since.

I also noticed her fins are not looking the best.

My only thoughts so far is the breeding humpheads (who now have a litter) in the original tank have hounded her to an extent that this is the result. Other then that I have no idea what it could be.

Any help or information on what this may be would be appreciated.



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