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breed setup

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guys i have a smaller breeding setup for sale. it consists of

2 1x1x2 foot tanks

3 1x18"x2 foot tanks

1 4x2x2 grow out tank

2 2x2x1 extra tanks

1 18"x18"x18" sump

1 sump pump

all tanks are drilled and plumbed with stainless greats

1 x large piston type pump with airstone and line for each tank

this is a proven breeding setup and none of the tanks have ever leaked what so ever.

i paid $400 for the setup minus all the plumbing and airpump gear which is easely cost me another $200

i just want back what i paid for the tanks so $400 and its yours. pm me if you want any more photos or info and ill egt back to you asap.

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so i have had several offers thrown at me but i would like to specify that im not looking for stupid low balls. reasonable offers will be negotiated and half of the asking price is not even near reasonable...

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hey mate, you have a nice setup there, but just letting you know that you may struggle to sell your setup for anywhere near $400, there are alot of systems with more tanks and sump, pumps etc that are going around atm for the same price. If you split it up you may get waht your chasing. If you do decide to split let me know.




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what would you be interested in?

ive had a look and there are several larger setup if someone wanted to start a fish room but i couldnt find any compact setups like this one for as good a price. this is a 100% setup. add water and fish and sit back and wait for them to breed.

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there not all on this site mate but they are around, and its always tuff selling stuff b4 tax time, i would be keen on the 4x2x2, the 2 2x2x1s, and probably the stand, also just wondering what size holes, bulkheads and plumbing are on the tanks? and do you have strainers for them?

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