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Setting up my new fish shed

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im about to start setting up my new shed im stuck trying to work out the best way to run my tanks, ive narrowed it to 3 options. my main goals are to set up a system that has relatively low water,power usage with not to high maintenance (so i can enjoy playing with the fish not all day cleaning filters) not eay to find the balance that also gives you the flexibility to set the water quality to the fish in each tank.

1) build an internal filtration area in each tank using air lift pumps to run it. approx area width of tank by 15cm of tank length divided into mechanical and bio filtration and the 3rd chamber will be for the air lift and heating if required. (the room will have a reverse cycle system/ de humidifier)

Pros - low power consumption, no cross contamination of disease/parasite

Cons - more maintenance, portion of tanks cant be used.

2) setting up sump system running approx 6 tanks (200lt each) pump running about 4000lt/hr 3.2x/hr flow rate. sponge filter in each tank to increase circulation.

Pros - all tank space can be used,

Cons - power bill higher, possibility of disease transferred.

3) play like the big boys and set up a proper recirculation system (aquaculture). have all tanks running into 1 or 2 main systems.

Pros - best filtration capacity out of all. easiest maintenance out of all systems, automated water changes

Cons - cant control water perimeters in each individual tank. ie ph will be the same in all tanks. highest power consumption, cross contamination chances high.

anyway there are the 3 options i have come up with, really like to know what everyone thinks, any other ideas let me know.

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