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just wanted to share

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nothing really exciting, but still cool,

we went down and did a check of the fishys, first thing i noticed was a million rainbow cichlid fry, its been awhile since they bred, they are free swimming so thought we would move the parents and raise this batch, got the spare tank ready, (running on the system with a few guppies so no need to cycle it,) just move the guppies, jules starts passing me the pots and bamboo logs, one has a bn in it, (had 2 orange spot bn in the tank as cleaners) the bamboo was floating as it was only in the tank for a week or so, didn't think much about it, i see the bn, and hey hang on, there are things wriggling in it, had a closer look and its full of bn fry, just about ready to leave the cave, ok we move the rainbows and put log back in tank, had a closer look and find 1 bn fry thats a bit bigger, so i'm guessing they had bred before and the rainbows were getting live food, couple things, we didn't even know i'd put a pair of os bn in the tank, just put 2 in to clean, other thing, if i didn't decide to move the parents and raise the fry we still wouldn't have known, i'd given up on breeding the os bn until i got more tanks set up, so thats 2 surprises today,

in the next tank we have our marble bn, only had 1 male with a few f/ms, so ended up getting a couple marble males from a member, i had a look in there and thought i saw something move, :) yep we also have marble bn fry, so the 1 male must have trapped a f/m and we missed it, only put logs in there the last 2 weeks,

thats 3 surprises............. but wait.......... theres more.......... we knew we had common bn fry, but looking around the albino tank we spotted a couple albino fry, not many, but its the first albino bn we have bred, :)

so today we found rainbow cichlid fry, os bn fry, marble bn fry, albino bn fry, and 2 days ago we moved some angel fry from our display tank into a fry saver, so far they are still alive, and just starting to free swim, also had more common bn fry in the last week,

ohh almost forgot, 4 days ago we found about 20 hump head fry, first time they have bred since feb,

so its been a good week, makes up for all the bad weeks we have, lol,

but we did learn a couple things, never give up because when the fish are ready they will breed, (as long as you have pairs) and bn will even breed in floating bamboo logs,

ohh and we have about 100 riv fry that are about 3 weeks old,

so we really need to get some more tanks set up and running, anybody want to come over and help.............


steve and jules...................

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good for you might chase you for some riv.

no worries, they are about 5mm at the moment, fingers crossed they keep growing, did lose a heap in the first 2 weeks, but they seem to have stopped culling themselves now,

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