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A couple of questions about plant growth...

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I bought an amazon sword the other day from the very nice ppl at aquariums alive.

Yesterday i noticed on of the leaves/stems had shot up toward the light. A gardener i worked for many years ago told me

that when a plant does that it's sending all its "power" (that's the word he used) to that leaf/branch/stem, & as a result

the rest of the stems can suffer. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Should I cut that stem to give a chance to the rest?

Also what plant food/fertilizer is good to use....

Mc Cheers!

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garden soil in ur fish tank?

Yes. The book shows simple, practcal experiments to prove the benefits. I can't remember too much detail (I'm not really into plants), but I remember the science being sound, and the book largely contradictory to many hobbiest's views.

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You probably will find that they would cover the garden soil with a layer of sand or fine gravel.

As I use soil straight from the garden & cow manure to pot my water lily in my pond.

Just need to pack it well & not let any soil or manure to escape then your water would be fine.

Much much better plant growth & root spread.

Got taught of this from the guy who sold me my first water lily years ago.

Never try this in a tank thought.



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Theres a lot of info on the planted tank here: http://www.aquariumlife.com.au/forum.php

Theres some good ferts called dino dung and dino pee. A guy called dave on that forum sells them, or they are for sale at angfa club meetings. You will also need to look into CO2 if you want that dense lush look.

I would probably trim the plant if it looked "unbalanced" if you know what I mean, just so it looked good, dont know about practicality of it.

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Guest greggausttin

Garden style are always very important to choose as they should be unique and should have a some good specifications as they hold your impression and also determine the security of fishes.

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first determine the leaf type

is it the immersed or emergent type?

most sword have the out of water, bog plant style emergent type leaves

these will die

and the under water emergent ones will grow

chuck some fertilizer under the plant, wait for the roots to establish

and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM the plant will grow leaves like made


I luv echi's

great centrepiece plants

any chance of a pic mate?

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