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FS: THE SECRET TO BREEDING L-numbers and Catfish

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SPECIES: L numbers, catfish, discus, most South Americans

QUANTITY: x3 500g boxes of Sera Super Peat and one 5 Litre bottle Sera Morena (also known as Blackwater Aquatan)

All new and never opened.

SIZE: as above

PRICE: $20 for 3 boxes and $120 for the 5 Litre bottle

LOCATION: Eight Mile Plains


CONDITIONS: Pickup after 6:30pm weekdays any time weekends

PICS: below attached

Sera Blackwater Aquatan (Morena)

Sera Blackwater Aquatan • Water conditioner with blackwater effect for freshwater aquariums.

Sera Blackwater Aquatan with the Bio Protect Formula conditions tap water to dark, clear, fish friendly freshwater just like in tropic waters.

Water conditioner with natural peat extracts, trace elements, vitamins and humic acids. Improves water conditions for fish from soft, slightly acidic water and will prevent growth of unwanted bacteria, fungus and algae.

· Lively and healthy fish, shrimps and crayfish

· Water according to the original biotopes supports colouration and natural behaviour

· Immediately binds heavy metals

· No pH value alterations

· Reduced algae growth due to reduced light

· Long lasting water tint

· Extremely economic

Directions for use:

Add 10 ml per each 50 litres of aquarium water. A brief turbidity is desired and shows the efficacy of the product. The turbidity will disappear within a few hours, the water will then be dark and clear.


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