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ID please! L002 or L397

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I got some L-number sold to me as L002s but now they look a bit like L397s.....can someone please confirm these fish for me as I am quite confused. I know it can be difficult to id them with such small photos, anyway just give it a shot if you don't mind.......thank you in advance






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I'll stick with L397!

If you haven't already, have a look here:

View topic - difference between L002 and L397

and species profiles:

L002 - Panaque sp. (L002) • Loricariidae • Cat-eLog • PlanetCatfish

L397 - Panaque sp. (L397) • Loricariidae • Cat-eLog • PlanetCatfish

I think facial lines can be quite variable between within each group. Certainly, if you look at the pics on the links, theres examples of quite straight lined L397s and squiggley L002s. Yours are probably on the straighter side of 397 'squiggly' but not too straight to exclude it being a L397. Yours do have that tripple colouration (black, white, orange) to the banding particularly on the fins whereas the L002 goes from black to yellowish/orange without the white stripes. Also, the intensity of the banding is also much greater than you would expect in an L002.

On a differnet topic, it wouldn't surpirse me if these guys are interbred in a similar way to L333/L066 (not saying your are - but just due to the similarities between the two, its easy to mix things up).

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my 002s have been mistaken as 397 as fry up to 1yr of age and those fish look the same as mine sometimes the only dif between my sub adults will be the markings on the face.colour of my fish will be almost the same betweeen the 2 and in identerfying fish i dont go on coulor much as dep on conditions of tank and stress level it will vary but markings on the face stay constant. have always found it better to use the markings on the face not the colour of the fish or colour of the fin.as i said earlyer markings on the face would be tighter even when young.

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Holy molley! Just switched back to the thread after viewing the bucket pic magnified and it was huge! lol.

Ok, the fish on the ruler on the left, looks L002, quite possibly the one on the right end of the ruler is also L002 although on magnifying he got a bit blury. The little one in the middle is L002 but the 3 on the front side of the bucket are L397.

Pics of mine to demonstrate

L002 subadult




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