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Glass Aquariums now available from AOA - New container just arrived.

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Hi All,

We have just imported our first container of Fish tanks. Beveled edges , new glass and pricing includes lids. All aquariums meet current safety specifications. All tanks listed below are currently in stock. We are able to freight the tanks at the buyers expense. Please email sales@aquariumproducts.com.au for a quote on freight if needed. QLDAF Members receive a 10% discount off these advertised prices.

Here is a link,


L x W x H

610mm x 305mm x 305mm $35.00

760mm x 380mm x 380mm $50.00

910mm x 380mm x 457mm $85.00

1220mm x 380mm x 457mm $105.00

1220mm x 457mm x 457mm $130.00

1220mm x 610mm x 610mm $215.00

1830mm x 610mm x 610mm $360.00


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Was at the shop today collecting some Chemi-Pure and was speaking with Ben about these tanks and let me tell you these tanks are of the highest quality and from what I've seen the best prices to...Support you Forum Supporter by inquiring or visiting the shop....I do--- weekly.

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Would also be interested in a stand and tank. Also can you drill holes in tanks? Thanks

We have the equipment to drill tanks arriving in the next few weeks. Standard charge will be $10.00 pr hole. The customer must send us a diagram or mark the tank so their is no confusion.

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Ill pm you but how much total for a 4x2x2 with lids and a stand del to 4557?

Goods would be sent on a pallet via courier. Pricing as follows,

1 x ( 1220mm x 610mm x 610mm ) $215.00

1 x Stand $175.00

- 10% QLDAF Discount = $351.00

+ Freight via E-GO $124.38

= $475.38

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