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Jaguar Cichlid or something big and tough! Question?

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Hi All,

I'm trying to find a suitable newbie for my 6ft American display tank.

All of the occupants are bigger than 15 - 20cm and on trying to add anything into the tank they are getting nailed and die within a few days.

The Texas' that I have in there as well as the large Festae and Green Sevs smash anything I put in the tank - even a yuk looking Red Forest Jewell I have in there is taking a dig at any new fish introduced? (its quite near flushing material haha!). I have always liked Jags but all the read ups note these as way aggresive and tank killers... What are your experiences with this fish?

Funny thing is I have around 11 Humpheads and 9 Clown Loaches + 2 baby Tropheus Ikola and they dont get touched at all?

I have a largeish Cuban in my 6ft too - very similar to a Jag but that has also been nailed - he is currently in a recovery tank and will be ready to go in for round 2 by Monday...

Last victim I bought last Wed - the biggest meanest Brasillensis I could find - he was the ruler of the tank at the LFS and a bargain and $15 - put him in and today I dug him out, smashed, eyes missing etc etc...

Thanks for any help,


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What have you got in the tank at the moment?

I don't mean to avoid the question somewhat, but it sounds like this tank is already a warzone, and a male Jag won't really help the situation at all, especially if you're needing to hospitalise fish, large Cubans especially.

I'd hazard a guess that your Humpheads, Jewel, and Tropheus aren't copping anything because they're not recognised as any sort of threat to the dominant fish in the tank, which I'm going to come right out and say is your Festae.

Green Severum, although quite large Americans, aren't suited for a tank with these kind of occupants, unless you've got a couple of them that enjoy each others company - although I still wouldn't recommend them. Neither are Humpheads or Tropheus. Brasiliensis, although reasonably large and aggressive, especially for what is currently classified as an Eartheater, I would put in the same league as Severum, which is a very considerable step below Festae and Texas when it comes to aggression.

I must say I'm very conservative when it comes to my opinion on aggressive stocking, but if you remove basically everything (before they eventually get targetted by a fish that snaps) but your Red Terror, Texas, and Clown Loaches, rearrange the tank extensively, then have a go with the Cuban and keep a really close eye on it, you might be able to fit another big aggressive American in the tank.

I can't for the life of me recommend considering introducing anything into that tank at this stage though.

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DFishkeeper - Yes just rearranged the whole tank for a whole new decor and to change up the territories etc...

Japes - You're pretty good :) Yes the Festae is the b'stard although he only owns about 1/3 of the tank. He and the Cuban constantly argue but the Cuban is normally the main one in the end! No damage ever done its just a big show, they don't even bite each other!

My tank abides by no fishkeeping laws - we have alot of mix from Loaches to Festae and even a Red Side Eartheater (who also does quite sweet) the 2 X Sev's are best of friends and are perfectly fine - good examples of Sevs. Just to throw it in, there's even a red tail shark my wife threw in!! Our Ikola Front is the boss of the tank although doesn't go at anything... The Duboisi Tropheus is the cop of the tank... Ok Ok its a big melting pot! :esup:

For a 6ft'er I don't have alot in there overly, room for more at least 1 more I think...

And for all you Hybrid Gene lovers, 2 X Parrot fish - these guys are great, although many would disagree - a king kong parrot and a red blood parrot.

All my other tanks a specific breeds or region tanks - I've learnt as I've gone...


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Hey Todd

I agree with Japes that some of those fish are out of their weight division. The Festae will own that tank and they like to do their damage of a night while the lights are off.

The sevs and assorted africans are just fodder for a midnight feast in the future.

I'm not saying that the tank is a death zone but to keep large aggressive central and south american cichlids together in a community tank the balance takes some time and often a lot of fish to work it out. I'd look at weeding out the fish you don't want and adding fish of a similar size and aggressiveness as your festae as you need to and redecorating so your new fish can established territories, as for numbers of fish look at how big they will grow, for a 6 foot maybe 5 medium to large americans is tops.

Good Luck


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