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FS Tanks - About to renovate Pet Shop - Aspley - Display quality - Plumbed

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fs = for sale


48x24x15 inches (more listed below in detail)

Quantity Available

5 Banks tank banks. 15 tanks in total


$1100-$800 Varies listed below


General Description

Pet shop display quality tanks! (that's what they are used for right now, in excellent condition). we are about to renovate the shop and we are changing our fish tank system hence why we are selling some of the tanks. all drilled as currently on sump system.

they are in excellent condition all with

-sliding glass lids,

-4ft aquaone al40d (double lights), rrp$220

-better bulbs, aquarelle and tropical tubes, rrp$55

-bulk heads, as all tanks are on our system they are all drilled and plumbed, rrp$33 each

-sponge filters large x1 for each tank, rrp$10

- the stand itself - they have 3 tanks on them but are designed to hold 4, we just don't use the top shelf, too high, black oil paint. rrp $600

- 3 tanks (depending on dividers etc.) all tanks have been painted black on back side, rrp $200 to $450 each

-*gravel if you want it

these tanks cost me just short of 3k each, so i think 1k or there abouts each is fair, they are very good condition still, only a few yrs old. just wont be able to fit them in with the renovations!

the is a few different combinations of tanks i am selling off. all are (WxDxH) 4ft x 2ft x 15in. some of the tanks however are divided. the divided tanks are all drilled with bulkheads, ie some tanks have 2 bulkhead some have 3, and some have 4, sure you get the idea.

so there are

-4 ft tanks straight

-4 ft tank 3 dividers (4 tanks, 4 bulk head)

-4 ft tank 2 dividers (3 tanks, 3 bulk head)

-4 ft tank 1 divider (2 tanks, 2 bulk head)

-3 ft tanks straight

ok so i have are.

bank1 $1100

1 x straight

2 x 3 dividers

bank2 $1000

1 x straight

1 x 2 dividers

1 x 1 divider

bank3 $1050

1 x straight

2 x 2 dividers

bank4 $900

3 x straight

bank5 $800

*3 FOOT TANKS NOT 4FT FOR THIS BANK* BUT SAME CONDITIONS, excellent condition, with double lights with better bulbs, bulkheads etc

Bank 5

3 x straight

Bank 5 cost me less of course as they are 3 ft not a 4ft

It is possible to mix and match them of course if anyone wants to have more divided or less etc we will just have to work out a price.

All these tanks currently in use, so you can see them running, over next few weeks/days will be draining and cleaning, i would like to have them sold before end of end of May. as our renovations are at mid June.

I am not interested in swaps for these sorry. You can however pay on eft/credit card but if you like, or of course cash is fine.

I can of course get more photos and post them if anyone wants me too. Fish/plants in pictures not included in the price.

I am open to price negations of course as i need them gone but i also wont move much as i think they are a pretty good price for display quality tanks. I would be willing to move on price a little in preference to someone wanting more than one bank.


Aspley Pet Centre, 57 kirby rd Aspley. Welcome to come in and have a look of course, when are here and open. Monday to fri 10-6pm (closed Tuesdays) and sat/sun 10-5.

Willing to Freight?

No, but will help you load of course. I don't even have a car so can not offer to help on that this one sorry.


Aspley Pet Centre, 57 kirby rd aspley - 38628852 or personal mobile 0411 422 355 or pm here anytime of course. Please don't call me early in the morning, I am not very friendly in the ams, night time however i will gladly take calls till midnight. Just saying it how it is 




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In an attempt to make it easier for people as some want bits but not the whole i am willing to break up as it is coming closer to the time i need these gone. Preference of course giving to people who want banks or multiple banks. $3700 the lot for anyone interested. Pick up in Aspley. Can still see them running, but i can change this quickly as no fish in them, just need to be drained.

Tanks – All in excellent condition all with sliding glass lids. All tanks 2 foot deep, 15 inches high, 4 ft wide, Painted black on back, bulk heads, elbows, risers and stainless steel strainers included, some have gravel.

6 x -4 ft tanks straight (1 tank, 2 bulk heads)$150 each

2 x -4 ft tank 3 dividers (4 tanks, 4 bulk head) $225 each

3 x -4 ft tank 2 dividers (3 tanks, 3 bulk head) $200 Each

1 x -4 ft tank 1 divider (2 tanks, 2 bulk head) $175 Each


10 x -4ft aquaone al40d (double lights) with aquarelle and tropical tubes $100


4 x -4 Teir 4ftx2ft, Wood, painted black with oil based paint $250

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