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FS: 2ft Tank + Stand. Name your price.

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SIZE: 2x1x1

BONUS: I'll throw in a little tank (1ft?? with cut off corners and a mirrored back. )

LOCATION: Bracken Ridge

PRICE: I'll accept any offers of cash, no trades. Wife wants this gone.

CONDITIONS: Pick up only, the sooner the better.

I'm pausing the fish hobby for a while so I'm getting rid of my 2 footer.

The tank is in good condition, some scratches on the glass. Missing one lid.

The stand is in good condition too. The hood has 2 T8 lights.

The bonus tiny tank is in good condition with a lid.



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how much u after?

I seriously have no idea, but I'm not expecting a lot (a lot being $100). I'm likely to accept the first offer I get as long as they can pick up soon (and it's not totally silly, like $1)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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