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Tanganyikan Display Setup!

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Okay so after a while of this tank being used for all sorts of tangs, I've finally got around to making it a real nice display style tank which will have a big mix of fish :)

I'll keep this thread updated as new fish go in every time and I'll take some better pictures next time to show the different areas of the tank

Excuse the dark side of the tank, I need to get another light bulb lol

but here's a picture from my phone


So it's a 7x18x20 curved front tank, I need to reposition that heater though to somewhere hidden

At the moment there is a clown loach who quite a few years old. He's there to keep the MT snail population down. Doing a really good job actually!

It's hard to see in the picture but I've made various types of areas for particular fish...

here's the stocking and corresponding tank regions

A couple of Similis - Shell bed as seen on the left

A few Nigripinnis - Rocky areas and the gaps between the rocks

Spathodus gobys - Rocky areas

Pair of Xenotilapia Papilio - Rocky area and sandy areas

Large group of Leptosoma Utinta - Open water, top of the water column area on the right of the tank

Some Ventralis Kalubamba - Open water, middle of the water column everywhere in the tank

Two Benthochromis Horii (not tricoti, hoping theres a male and female, they were bred in australia!) - Anywhere in the tank they like

And I have a decent amount of sand floor space on the right hand side of the tank, I'm unsure what's going there just yet... It'll be either a Callochromis like pleurospilus, macrops etc. maybe an ochrogenys such as makola or if I can get them again, then maybe some Descampsii

So yeah, that's the plans :)

And also, the next NSW cichlid society magazine being issued will feature a picture of my fish on the front and back cover! Super excited about that!

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