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Tanks and system for sale

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Wanting to re-do my fishroom/garage:)

Will be selling off everything.

1. 4x15x18 and new steel stand(1020mm high)

No lids

Near new otto twin air pump

Eheim 2217 with media

$150 SOLD

2. 4x15x18 with timber stand and hood(Not the flashiest stand but good)

4ft twin T8 light

Twin air pump

Eheim 2229 with media

$200 SOLD

3. 5x15x20 with unstained pine stand(2 months old from ARU

Full lids

4ft twin T5 lights

Twin air pump

Eheim 2076e (i have cut the U bend on both in and out pipes and extened with extra hosing to clear the brace of larger tank) with matrix

$450 REDUCED TO $300

4. 3 tier breeding rack

Three 2x400x400 top tier( one tank had cracked side but has been patched and holds water fine)

Three 2x400x400 middle tier

Two 2xx18x18 bottom tier

All drilled and plumbed and sumped

Top and middle tier tanks have bulkhead in base with risers and strainers

Bottom tier tanks have two bulkheads each at back top left and right

3 ft trigger sump with eheim compact 5000

Price $500 REDUCED TO $400

5. 3x12x15 dalbard display tank

Black cabinet and hood

3 ft T5 lights

Fluval G6 with matrix

Presurised CO2

jager 15owatt

Price $400 REDUCED $300

Please pm your mobile if you would like to see pics.

Thank you

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I apologise to all mods for the numerous posts:)

Last post on this thread for me.

Saturday pickup prices..

5 ft setup will be $200

3 ft dalbarb setup will be $200

3 Tier sumped rack will be $300

After saturday, will be passing these onto friends for free:)

Have gear coming for new system so must clear garage.

Once again, sorry to all mods for multiple post.

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