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~Frontosa tank mates~

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I have a large fronny in my display and his tank mates are e yellows, dolphins, red empress, bnose, yoyos, plecos, gold comps, acei, and maingano to name a few.

Best bet is if you want to add in larger species fish, add them when they are small so they can grow up with the other fish around them.

If you do the other way and add the smaller fish to the large fronnys, most likely they will become a quick snack.

Just keep an eye on them when they do get bigger though just in case, but if they are well fed you shouldn't have any dramas :wink:

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If it was my tank I would try & keep the fish in it all from Lake Tanganyika, eg:- Black calvus, Julies, Leleupi or some feather fins such as Benthochromis tricoti if you can find them. But the eventual size of the fronnies will make it difficult to keep much else with them as the smaller species might be on the menu.

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