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Ok, a quick one, I inherited a silver dollar that I house with a mate for about 6 months. It used to spook easily and go pretty crazy at times banging against the side of the aquarium.

Just two weeks ago I relocated it to a large tank at my mothers place, where it has seemingly been a lot more settled.

Until today...

I just received a call from my not so little sister, she seems concerned. She has just explained to me that there is something wrong with the 'big silver fish', it went crazy and banged against the tank pretty hard, she said it swam upside down, on it side, settled and then had another fit and bang against the tank pretty hard. Now its just kinda resting at the bottom...

I am not 100% sure what to do. I assume it has been spooked and possibly knocked it self out?

The tank is a 6x2x3 and he has been with two danios and two pleckos and a couple of clown loaches for most of his life. I relocated all these fish into my parents tank, which is currently also home to a number of very small African cichlids that are waiting to be relocated to my 8f. I hace watched the fish for hours in the past and nothing really out of the ordinary, the silver dollar seemed fine, they occupied the top half of the tank while the Africans and the plecko occupied the bottom half.

Not sure if I shoudl expect the fish to recover, or if I should inter vein? My sisters is just watching, keeping an eye on it, I told her not to worry too much, but to call me if it doesn't come good soon, or if she sees any fish hassling it.

Any help or info appreciated.

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