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Show me your OB peacocks

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Sorry mate, havent had a chance to spend much time in fish room. The rug rat is keeping me busy lol

I once knew a turkey His name was Turkey

He said 'Benji explain to me please,

Who put de turkey in christmas

An what happens to christmas trees?'

I said, 'I am not too sure Turkey

But it's nothing to do wid Christ Mass

Humans get greedy and waste more dan need be

An business men mek loadsa cash.'

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More pics Finally caught dad out and about. Also a couple of a display tank males






NICE fish mate

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OK snapped a few

Heres my main stud male, will have to try get one of him when he is in breeding dress. Pretty boy hey.


Heres an albino OB. I unfortunately sold my best albino red ob's. But thinking about producing some more at a later stage.





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Yea the dragons are nice, I have produced quite a lot of them and the red ob's.........

But as is the way, its rare to ever see pictures of ya kids you sell all grown up..

The hardest bit of producing the red ob, is getting an ob bloodline without any yellow gene.

Doesnt sound hard......... but ya getting the pure blue marble is tricky.

Then pairing it with a tangerine colour morph that also doesnt have any yellow gene.

Only then will the tangerine and the ob morph, share red characterisics.

The fry from my last batch had a few that looked like they were going to be solid red and blue...... as in, none of the white.

but will have to wait until i have room to raise a batch to adult of that pairing to be sure.

shame albino ob dont sell well.

they show a lot of potential for great variety.

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Yea I wont really know until this time next year when I have some of his kids up to size, just how well the green colour trait transfers.

I tried to get some pictures of that male you gave me Andy, but the poor bloke is copping a hard time from one of the big boys in there. So he is pretty faded and hiding.

Shall throw him in with a few hundred girls and see if that improves his mood somewhat lol

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