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cheap small tank

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i have a small tank, its about 2ft x 15" x 18" or there about, it does leak, one bottom corner, so it needs fixing,

has a plumbing hole at the top which i have siliconed a piece of glass over,

no pics and i'm not going to go measure it,

pick up only from my house...............

make me an offer over $5.00 and if i like you its yours, ;) if i really like you and you have bought/sold from/with me i might even give it to you for free, :P if you have stuffed me around before, then just refresh and find another thread to read, :?

pm offers please..................

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tank on hold until tonight.................

easy to fix, its just one corner thats leaking, i just have to many that don't leak to be bothered fixing it, just a breeding tank, not display, and has a plumbing hole patched at the top of tank,

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Hey Steve,

I've spoken with the Mrs and she's given me the go ahead. Can you please PM me your details. I can pick it up at any time today. :-)

tank is on hold for somebody else, but i will let you know if he doesn't pick it up,

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