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Zane's 70L Nano Mountainscape

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70cm x 25cm x 40cm

Rimless, Braceless etc.

10mm Glass Panels

Bevelled Polished Edges

Neoprene alternative under tank instead of styrofoam.

Custom built by Mick from Southport Aquarium and Petland.


2 x 9L ADA Africana.

1 x ADA Penac P

1 x ADA Penac W

1 x ADA Clear Super

1 x ADA Tourmaline BC

1 x ADA Iron Bottom

Filtration and Heating

-Aqua One Aquis 500 Canister filter (might need to upgrade...)

-Hydor 200w Inline Heater

-13mm black hosing to deter algae buildup.

Lighting and Co2 Setup

1 x 20watt LED Floodlight. (giving this a try as my old 3ft T5HO didn't suit it).

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

1x Warm White Flexi Lamp for alternate viewing while the grow light is off

1x Aqua Medic Solenoid

1x Aqua Medic Regulator

1x 6KG Co2 Bottle

1x GLA diffuser.

1x CAL aqua clip 'n' drop checker

1x CAL aqua bubble counter

1x Clear Co2 Hosing.


EI dosing as per grubs recipe. (working wonders in my 5ft tank)

Dosing with Grubs - My DIY Fert Regime.


-Housebricks - simply to raise the hardscape

-Tortoise Shell Rocks

-Mini Bonsai Trees. (will put these in once the tank has grown in a bit.)


Initially I was planning to do an all moss scape, however after laying out the hardscape I think a few other plants might contribute well. I want to keep the scale of the mountain so I will be using very small leaf plants such as HC/HM etc. Im thinking maybe even a smaller rotala for the back left hand corner? but will see how things turn out. The main moss I am going to use will be peacock moss. If you saw my peacock mountain tank about a year ago you'll know what I mean. It grows out so thick and lush with a really nice dark green. Another moss called bushy moss that I noticed in one of JAL's threads caught my eye. I might give this a try also. I have never tried mini pellia But that could add some lighter hues to the tank also. (Any suggestions on this?)


I want to try my hand at selective breeding shrimp. Not so much the CRS/CBS but some of the other colour morphs. I absolutely fell in love with the sunkist (orange) ones that sold on here a while ago. Some of those are my ideal livestock at this stage. Another idea I have been toying with is to selectively breed the yellow shrimp to try and get a lime green colour variant. Open to thoughts though at this stage though.





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Good job, looks great.
That looks awesome so far mate. Looking forward to seeing it grow
Waaaaaah get into the plant section like the rest of us . Looks great btw.
that is a nice job of setting up those rocks man. epic.
Awesome.Its great to see some more serious planted tanks on this forum.Keep up the great work zane
good posts, good plans, good work and bloody good luck mate!
Looks Great Zane. Can't wait to see plants and shrimp in there.

Thank you SOOO much guys! I really love the feedback and I can't wait to see it progressing too! :)

I like the pic on the wall too as a side note. Cant wait to see it when its got plants
This is not related but.. oh.. rebecky23 beat me to it! I love the picture!

Ha I tried to squeeze that into the shot. Mural painting is one of my other hobbies that I'm trying my hand at. Once I build my confidence a bit I want to look at it as a job on the side.

Heres a better shot plus one of the other wall in my room that I did.



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Thanks jeff thats super generous of ya. Will see how much peacock moss I have for now and still need to let the tank cycle before I start blasting it with light. But thanks again I'll let you know :).

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Nice scape man. I'm hopefully going to be upgrading my piddly arse 18L tank to a 2.5' tank later this year and will try again at aquascaping. Unfortunately I had to alter mine for the fish and it ruined it haha.

Very nice murals too. If you happen to decide to go into mural painting as a side job I might have a bit of work for you up in my shed with a little holden ford rivalry ;).

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