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Win a Breeding Pair - Betta Australis Members

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Hi guys, if you have been thinking of joining Betta Australis, this might be the competition to help you decide. This special raffle is open to Betta Australis members only...

The background:

Jack (Waterchange@my bettas) has been kind enough to donate 4 pairs of fish to the club. They are a mix of HMPK and Giant HMPK and are ages between 3-4 months old. Jarrod Nielsen will be donating a pair of Steel Blue HM's to the club from his latest spawn to round out the number to 5 pair.

Conditions of Entry:

One of the goals of Betta Australis is to promote, encourage and provide support/advice for people to breed these wonderful fish. If you wish to enter the draw, all we ask is that you attempt to breed your pair, and if successful, donate 2-3 pair back to the club to help with future fundraising, competitions/draws. In short: "Share the Love..."

The prize is one breeding pair of bettas per prize winner (5 chances to win a pair)

Tickets are $10 each

You can buy as many tickets as you wish to increase your chances, but once you have been drawn, you are not eligible to win further pairs. That way everyone has a fair chance to win.

To make it interesting, the first 4 people drawn can only choose from the HMPKs/Giant HMPKs. The 5th person drawn gets the "booby prize" - A stunning pair of young Steel Shadoh/brisbanebetta) HMs...

There are no set pairs for the first 4 people drawn.

1st person drawn has the pick of males and females, 2nd chooses from what is left and so on...

Draw will take place at our next Betta Australis meeting on July 17th. Fish will be at meet, so winners that are present can have a closer look and take their pairs home with them.

Tickets can be bought on the night, or beforehand via bank deposit (email enquiries(AT)bettaaustralis.com for bank details.)

If you live too far away, or can't make the meeting - Don't worry Here's what you need to do:

I will be posting photographs of all fish here on the forum and there will be pictures on the website early this evening.

Send an email to enquiries(AT)bettaaustralis.com stating your order of preference of the males and of the females.

Tickets can be paid for via bank deposit - email enquiries(AT)bettaaustralis.com for details.

Winners wanting their fish shipped : Shipping is free (Thanks again Jarrod Nielsen) Address where you want fish sent, must be supplied beforehand.

Photos to be supplied soon!

Enjoy, and remember to "Share the Love!"

Phillip (with thanks to Jarrod Nielsen and Betta Australis crew)

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