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Type of fish/goods:- driftwood

Sex(if known):- any

Size/Rating:- enough to deck out a 6ft tank

Breeding:- Hope not don't want any fires

Qty:- At least 3 large pieces

Price:- Free

Location:- Brisbane area

Shipping Y/N:- n

Contact:- Pm or here

Comments:- is there anywhere around the Logan area that I could go to find my own ? As I can't afford to buy any and my oscar tank looks way to bare with just a shipwreck in it


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find a creek, and talk a walk along its bank,

if you want awesome driftwood you've gotta get out and find it yourself...

melaleuca swamps are a good place to look to.

Also should mention taking wood from the environment is illegal unless its your own property or you have the landowners permission to be collecting, so be careful

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give it a good clean with a hose or a gurney if you've got one,

soak it for a few days/weeks/whatever til it sinks and it should be good.

I've never boiled or treated any wood thats gone into my tanks, just given it all a good clean and chucked it in.

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