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FS - Extreme Discus Setup

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Hi Guys,

It's a sad day for me as I have decided to sell my beloved Discus setup. I got into discus about 4 years ago and have expanded my collected ever since. Since then I have finished my university degree and moved into full time work and unfortunately no longer have time to maintain this wonderful setup. So here it goes:

Dry Goods:

• 6x2x2 Aquarium

o 18 Months Old

o Built by Mick of Aquarium and Petland Southport

o No obvious scratches, all lids in tact

o 35mgtxv.jpg

• 6x2x2 Open Stand

o Painted Black

• 3 x Aquaclear 70 Hang on Filters

o Full with Seachem Matrix

• 2 x Jager 150W Heater

• 6 Foot Supreme Aqua Quad Bulb Light

o Comes with hanging kit

• Eheim 400 Dual Air Pump

o Only used for total of 1 week

o Comes with original bubblers

Live Stock:

• 2 x Pigeonblood Discus (Females)

• Both Fish Hand Picked by Rod Lewis


o 25iqiyd.jpg

o r85cow.jpg

• 2 x Penang Eruption Discus (Males)

• Both Fish from Shaun Sykes (ssdiscus) that anybody who is anybody knows is an extremely respectable breeder. These fish originated from Rod Lewis

• 2 x Curipera Cross Discus (Sex Unknown)

• Both Fish Hand Picked and Specially Ordered by Rod Lewis

• These fish are extremely rare in Australia and as far as i know, there have only been two shipments delivered to Australia


(35 Seconds into Video)

o f3b0p5.jpg

• All Fish Recently Wormed

• 2 – 4 Large Peppermint Bristlenose

Other Random Goodies:

• Driftwood

• Food

• Floating Plants

• Medicine

• Thermometers

• Test Kits

• Cleaning Utensils

• Water pumps

• Chemicals

• Sponge Filters

• Professional Clay Breeding Pots

• Nets

Additional Notes:

Anyone that knows me knows that I am OCD for quality. I will only purchase things that I believe to be the highest quality from the most respectable sources. This setup has been my pride and joy for the past year and now I want to see this go to someone that can appreciate it as much as I have.

I am in no rush to sell this setup, this is not about the money for me, so please do not try and lowball me with a ridiculous offer.

I will not be able to deliver this setup, you will need to come and do it yourself with the help of a friend of two as I live in an apartment and maneuvering the tank in such a small space is very tricky (I am however more than happy to help)

I live in Mermaid Beach of the Gold Coast

I am not willing to separate this setup as yet - so please do not send me offers on individual pieces

The New Price is $1000 FIRM

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or contact me at any reasonable hour:

0403 570 505


Kind Regards,


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