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FS New Glass Lids

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I need about 3 lids cut but i need to get a couple of $$$ together before i ask. and measure sizes etc and then drive out to Strathpine (i live in Springfield Lakes) do u have off cuts so i can silicone a handle onto the lids as well :)

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Hey FJ. I am looking for some new lids for my 6 foot tank. It is split into 3 sections which are all 595 deep. The 2 end sections are 530 wide (need corners cut off for filter pipes), and the middle 450 wide. In the 3 sections I am wanting to split all into a front lid about 195 deep and back lid 300 deep. I also need some offcuts for rails. 4 of 470 by about 50, and 2 of 470 by about 30.

Can you let me know if you would be ble to do this, and how much I would be looking at. Also what glass thickness have you got. I was thinking 5mm for the lids and maybe a bit thicker for the rails.



0403 073 647

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595 x 530 x 2 both with corners cut

595 x 450

All above lids cut at 195 ( which leaves 400 )

470 x 50 x 4

470 x 30 x 2

Is that what you mean ? If so $30

I only have 4mm but that's strong enough for lid supports

Let me know ?


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how much for 2 lids?

513mm by 305mm

515mm by 305mm

with a section cut at the back left on the first one and back right on the 2nd for the filter inlets

only needs to be missing 25mm by 25mm






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