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Peacock Bass Pictures

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Thanks for the replys and the kind words

To answer a few of the questions.

Tank is 6x3x2.5 LxWxH it is running a 4x18x18 sump with a 10,000 litre a hour pump to a 4ft spray bar.

Lights are one 6ft fluro and a dual 4ft t8, running one white and one blue globe.

Stock list is currently.

4 Peacock bass 2 male and 2 Female. The biggest been over 55cm and the smallest 40cm.

2 Male Jaguar Cichlids. One is 50 plus cm and other is 40 cm.

4 Severum Cichlids 2 male 2 female, two golden and two green. All adult size.

2 Feather Fin Catties @ around the 15cm mark.

There was at the time of the photo's 3 Red Devils which have been removed, as they where starting to take over.

Cheers Ben

There is no aggression between the tank mates, as most have grown up together.

One of the biggest things that I have found about keeping anything with the bass is if it swims fast they will hit it or chase it. So fish like the Severums that swim about slowly are never even looked at. They also help to keep the bass calm.

I have had the bass for almost 3 years.

They are only fed on Hikari Massivore sinking pellets.

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