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FS 2 Peppermint colony's

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Type of fish/goods:- peppermint Bristlenose colony

Sex(if known):-3m & 3f

Size/Rating:- M =11 - 13cm & F= 9 - 11cm

Breeding:- yes fanning right now

Qty:- 1 colony x6 fish (see sex for ratios of colonys)

Price:- $350 for colony of 6 large pepps

Location:- Coffs Harbour

Shipping Y/N:- AAE available $50 flat - costs $58 to ship 38x 29x 25 @ 4kg

Contact:- PM / Post / call / sms 0423 907 445

Comments:- I had bought fry from 2 different breeders and kept the two groups of fry seperate. a few months back after trading the others I matched the following ratio. The largest male is from a third breeder I obtained a few months back.

I have no interest in keeping them any more as they conflict with my Tangs I am breeding and can not look after them properly as well as need the tank space

Photos:- There is another female 9cm in this colony. She was found in another tank and added to the colony after the pics

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should I put it up for $1000+ like I saw the other colonies selling here? I'm comming up this Saturday and don't think many would be able to fling that sum in less than a week. If I remembered about them I would have put them up for sale 2 weeks ago with all the other fish but they're always forgoten.

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colony on hold is back on as young lad couldn't sell his fish...

Larger colony still available, will throw in the other female to make 3m & 3f - 6 pepps for $350... Approx $50 for shipping unless pick up

$400 total for the 6 large pepps delivered.

Cheers Roman 0423 907 45

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