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I happened to be able to get hold of the Cichlid News Magazine which is a international edition.

It is very very difficult to get in Australia and would great for the hardcore Cichlid Lovers.

I am looking at getting the magazine for members as a favor for them.

Basically if you wanted the magazine it would cost $16 sent to you via Australia Post.

At $16 I am hoping it will cover the costs that it will actually cost me but I do not think it will.

It is a quarterly magazine and this quarter has just landed.

Here is a link if you would like to order it directly from them and to get more information on it.

Cichlid News Magazine

The Magazine is appoximately 40 pages long and saw two full page advertised adds and has a shelf price of $7.95 US on the front cover.

It has great content - not a fluffed up extended version - very concise and god pics.

I will let Shon give you a bit of a run down on it as I sent him last quarter and this quarter editions.

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I received two issues of the magazine and already have got John to order me numerous back issues and will be subscribing to them :)

Basically it has information regarding a Tanganyikan, Malawian, South American/American cichlid in every issue. A lot of it are new species but it varies a lot through out issues.

Some are about breeding them, some about how they are in the wild but the information is very concise and informative

Other topics include reviews on other books, newly discovered species, some trends in popular species of fish, and so on

My favourite though - unsure what topic to call it but one issue had an article on "Recent human impacts on Lake Tanganyika"

It's stories like these you don't find on forum or in out dated books :)

and theres only about 5-7 pages of ads in the entire magazine as well

Very worthwhile read for anyone interested in cichlids in general. As most people know I like tangs but even the articles on south americans have me interested

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