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FS: 8 foot sump x2

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Hi All,

I have 2 8 foot sumps for sale. the dimensions are 8foot L x 40cm H x 66cm W.

The sides are 6mm glass and the base is 10mm glass.

each sump will be able to run a 3000 - 5000ltr system.

Comes with the media which includes gutter guard, 3 different grade sponges and about 200 kg of crushed calcium carb and shell grit.

Pumps are sold separate. Will post up pics later. PM me if you are interested.

Price: $300 for each sump. there's 2 available.

Deliver can be arranged but you will need to help me with loading and unloading.

PM me if you want an inspection.



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tanks are all 6mm sides. There is one patch at the front there cos I was rushing to get the tank fillled and did not put due dilligence in to ensure that the stand was not obtuse.

all tanks and sumps hold water and not leaks. I do not know how old the tanks are. I got them from someone who go them from someone etc etc.

I removed all the silicon and re-sealled all the tanks when I got them so they have been running for 2 years in this room since I got them.

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