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post-6831-1471162705727_thumb.jpg Another shot of this guy [ATTACH=CONFIG]21861[/ATTACH]

Hi everyone, I got some free fishies in the last couple of weeks and have not been able to figure out what kind they are.

The first one looks like some sort of American but I can't place it.

The second is a common pleco, just want to make sure everyone agrees its a common.

The third I am sure are a geophagus but not sure which type.

Do you know how much any of these fish are worth?


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Maybe red devil? - $5

Pleco - I'm not expert - $90, from the looks of the size?

Brasiliensis - $20

All just my opinion.

All depend how big they are,

1. $5

2. yes common pleco, price is depend on size $40-$60 if it is 20cm+

3. Maybe Brasiliensis but I'm not an expert in American but if it is Brasiliensis the also depend of size 7cm to 10cm $15 to $20

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I have a hard time believing the first one is a red devil, we have two of them that were given to us and they have slight stripes down their sides and only have a similar body as the red devil. But that's just me as I've never seen one that's not orange.

Also the Brasiliensis is about 20cm and we have two so if they won't sell for anything good then we'll just end up keeping them as they look good in the tank.

post-6831-14711627058507_thumb.jpg Another picture of first one.

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