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Ever had a catfish jab another fish?

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Hey guys,

My riv has had this weird white wound/growth under one of his plectoral fin which I just can't get rid of. Now my jag has a similar wood on his dorsal fin. However it's right at the base and looks like it has an entry and exit point. One side is a red 'hole' and the other side is white.

I have a spotted Raphael in the tank and the jag hangs around him all the time. Never harassing him or anything just hiding in the same hole.

I'm beginning to the the wounds are from the raph. I read that although they don't have venom so to speak they're barbs are covered in a bacteria that causes pain, and can cause intense infections in humans.

Any thoughts? Just a little woried

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Was thinking it could also be Lymphocystis but from the photos on the net it doesn't look all that similar.

PS: Sorry this turned into a disease thread. Mods feel free to move. Was just meant to be a general inquiry

Just found a photo that looks exactly like what the Riv has. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-AQ7U5Gl0lVI/TnfigASF-UI/AAAAAAAAAAw/hU25FSvo0sY/s512/sickgbr2.JPG

Let me know what ya thinking guys

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This is super common when 2 fish are caught in the same net

and one fish is a catfish

and it freaks

and shanks the hell out of the fish stuck in there with it.

checked the pic

looks a bit bacterial mate

it might be a secondary infection of a catty inflicted wound

but doesnt have to be.

Plenty of options on treating

something like fungus aid, that contains acriflavine, would be the cheapest and fastest

but kinda a worry to use it with raphaels in there.

pimafix and melafix is likely a lot safer.

even throw some indian almond leaves in at the same time.

but a lot slower to act.

hard one

as ya dont wanna hurt ya catty

treating an injury on a cichlid.

Do you have any waterlife meds on hand?

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Have been thinking about this and I now think its likely you have epistylis, either infecting an injured site or making a play all on its own. I have found protozin very helpful against this in the past as this critter is a type of protozoan. Anyway might be worth a google to see if it matches with what you are seeing.


OK I just did a google and talk about a horror show

it looks much less nasty when it starts!

also most pictures were closeups of its stalked structure..... not so much use if ya dont have a microscope on hand.


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BGK are not momyrids

but because they are similar, most people reccomend using at most a half dose.

In a perfect world you would remove the affected fish to a Q tank and treat them there

leaving the BGK and other uneffected fish in the main tank.

But as we have it......

I would use full strength dose

if you notice the BGK stressing, then maybe dilute with a partial water change, or remove the bgk

but its usually fine.

If you are worried tho

do the half dose

it probably the best approach

I am just perhaps a bit too bold

having used at full strength and gotten away with it.

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Well the Jag is healed up. And the riv is all but healed, it's the best I've seen the wound look in months. Even after trying betadine, melaphix, primaphix and salt. Thanks so much for the advice Donny.

Here's to healthy and happy fish :)

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