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Marine girl taking on the freshwater world

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Ok, so to begin...

I have recently pulled apart my 600L marine system due to travel, life, moving etc etc. After being fishless for a couple months I miss it, a lot. So to keep me occupied and give me something pretty to look at I am deciding on whether or not I should give freshwater a go.

I have successfully run freshwater tanks in the past (250L & 150L) with American and African Cichlids. However, this time, I would be looking at running a 50L system (originally going to be a marine nano). So my question to all you freshwater lovers is-


Tank specs

58 x 30 x31


2ft 4x T5 HO


3 stage trickle filter

- bio balls

- sponge

- ceramic noodles

I do not have a heater. I am wanting some colour in this tank, to make it stand out and WOW visitors (and myself). Low maintenance inhabitants is all I am looking for- failing this, I will just keep with my original marine nano plan (obviously filtration will be different).

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated :)

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Pair of apistogramma. Maybe a few cherry shrimp (cheap, but will get eaten), maybe a small L catfish as well. Could also go with something more flashy, if thats what you're most looking for..maybe a single neon blue ram, with the shrimp and a pair of L number plecos. Rams have a heap of personality, one on its own would be an awesome 'wet pet'.

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Considering you're lighting you should do a small planted tank I reckon. A good planted tank has the WOW factor before any fish are even added. Are you going to add a heater? Because most candidates for your tank are going to require one (in Autumn/Winter). You could go dwarf cichlids and tetras and maybe a few cory catfish as mentioned by goneself, you could do Aussie/PNG natives such as a dwarf rainbowfish, blue eyes etc.

You could have a tank that looks like this:


with male blue eyes displaying:


you get the picture.

You could use sand as a substrate and do shelldwellers, they are really interesting to watch.

That's my 2 cents.

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