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hey guys

now for my birthday (was on friday)

i got a new and bigger tank. the bad news is because i couldnt find a display quality 6 x 2 or 5 x 2 with all accessories lets just say the home owner wouldnt approve of a bare wooden stand no matter what.

so today he went and picked it up

its a 4 x 18 x 24 (300L)


this is what he found acceptable.

now that i have this tank i do understand i cannot keep most of my fish.

realistically only one as i am lead to believe.

so now comes the hard task. deciding.

now i have the tank all set up, i need a gravel. and lastly a fish.

i know i do have fish at the moment but you see, i would like to get a larger fish, the end product so that i am 100% satisfied with it, and there will not be the urge to change which im sure you all hate so much ;)

so guys all this really is asking is, what would you put in there?

(must include american cichlids, would like 'personality' too

i will be getting it tomorrow, as soon as i get this settled, i will be happy :)

no more jd's for me. i love the coloration, but it just makes them look like a turd with sequins stuck on the way how she always lays on the bottom of the tank, and she has that droopy tail...

the old soak of the fish world.....

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Earth eaters or discus?

Those tanks had your t5 lighting so why not go discus and planted.

They may not have the personality but as for Americans with personality they are best kept by themselves! Imo.

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i would keep the fenny. though i admit i am not a fan of the moo cow variant they always seem pretty impressive at the ekka :) the fenny would be quite at home in 300 litres. other options would be salvini, saums, a bocourti, a pearsei, robertsoni etc. anything that dont go much past 30cm IMHO

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i'd go for the saums mate! always been a favourite of mine and they look great. nice colours good temperment. or another fave of mine is the good old fire mouths. city farmers on brisbane Rd usually has some good juvies in. only saying that cause i noticed you live near me.

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