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l333 or l270?

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Difficult to say going on one photo in a tank shot. Water tannins, lighting etc can alter colours but at a guess if its 6cm did you say?, I would be calling it a L270.

The L333 is also called yellowish king tiger and it can be either black and white, or black and yellowish. At an early age the juvie lines tend to degenerate into a myrad of scribbles. Not as much as a L066 and certainly not as much as a L260, but scribbley nonetheless.

The L270 is also called chocolate zebra and you will often see the lines with more of a brown/tan look about them. The juvie lines tend to take longer to turn into scribbles and they seem to stay more as lines albeit a bit crooked, and just add more lines or disjoint old lines to dots and dashes with age.

Juvie L270


Juvie L333


Older adult L270. Note the more brown/tan line behind the head.


Adult L333


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Before this thread goes pair shaped I would like to remind all current breeds/ keepers and potential breeders of L numbers (especially) that before you sell or buy and especially breed L numbers make sure you research research research your purchase and use reference Books (not GOOGLE) and take them with you when purchasing a new L number. Over the years L numbers have been constantly miss ladled and un knowingly crossed due to limited knowledge buy either seller/ buyer and breeders.

Rules for buying a L number

* make sure you know what the L numbers environmental needs are before you look at buying.

* Make sure you research what the L number LOOKS like and not just colouration but the body shape and other features

* when possible request to see the parents of your fry / juvies

* ALWAYS take a reference book with you when purchasing as sometimes the seller does not know what they are selling.

Reference books I use

* Aqualog for L numbers (+extras )

* Back to nature L numbers

* Catfish in the Aquarium by Dr, Carl Ferraris, Jr ( this is about keeping and conditions)

So in summery Please check what you buy before you hand over the dollers and I have found a fare few L number breeders ( including myself ) who have got it wrong due to complacency and not doing research.



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