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Some of those guys look radicool!

Very nice

just be aware

crossing a marble with a marble = mostly white

most of the time anyway

shame really

because just like with ebjd

the marble morph ones are a fair bit more gentle

and often get killed by their normal mate.

My marble male was quite a bit smaller than my regular female.

Got 3,000,000 spawns....

from knowing people that have bred them

its best to have a large male marble and a smaller female norm.

works out most of the time...

He ended up killing her.

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as far as keeping any veja pair complete long term

my experience has shown that

yea the smaller fish always needs either an ornament it can hide in that the larger fish cant get at it in.

or ya need a massive massive tank

and even then

they are prone to domestics

espec if eggs are involved

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