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New Tadpole (Lungfish) video!

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First, I'll add that the mess on his head is sand. Right before the video I scared the **** out of him with the magnet cleaner and he kicked sand up all over his head. Oops! He seems to have forgiven me.

Food is a custom thing I did up for him:

1 x whole california squid

5 x whole giant prawn things

Handful of mussels

1/2 chunk of beef heart, trimmed

Spirulina (wafers for now, will get powder later)


Agar agar (seaweed based gelatin)

All blendered up and frozen in sheets in ziplock bags. Broken up and hand fed!

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They're all guts in that tank. The archer takes 5-6 pellets and up to 10 crickets a day and still whinges (shoots me) for more. The tandanus is crazy. Teeny tiny and eats like a horse. Dyson is a very fitting name. No fear, that one. =)

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