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Recomendation or Rule on Fish size

Min Size limit of fish for sale  

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  1. 1. Min Size limit of fish for sale

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Should the size for most common fish be set at min 3cm or bigger

Sale of tank fulls of fry for grow out by breeders or smaller type fish not included,

but fish purely for sale must meet a common size to keep it fair


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Ive sold fry in the arvo that weren't even free swimming in the morning

it was pm or text can't remember

i didn't post but the guy wanted them and didn't want to wait

they were way to small

as long as the buyer knows and wants them at that size i can't see a drama


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I really don't see what all the fuss is about??? If the seller states the size and a buyer chooses to buy then really that is between the two of them.

False advertising on size and or health is a different matter!

I don't even see how these seller are any sort of a threat to anyone who breeds the same fish.

If you choose to sell them at 4+cm then you charge more to cover costs etc and the buyer chooses to pay more for them knowing they are a stronger fish.

If you choose to sell at 2cm then the buyer get them cheaper and takes the risk.

As long as both parties are happy it is no one else's business.

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why this post honestly, who cares, if its advertised and people want to buy them small do it, i have bought millions of fish from interstate etc, and was happy as larry if they were small n i new about it, i have also bought small fish when a seller juss wanted to clear, so honestly

get over it,,,,, if the fish are undersize and runts and not as advertised then there is an issue

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