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Shrimp tank questions

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Ok I admit it.. I'm hooked!

Got myself some CRS from a friend a cpl days ago and totally adore them. 3 x s no entry females and one ss male. Anyway I am now considering setting up a simple shrimp breeder tank, they are fine in my planted but for breeding probably wont be adequate with tankmates.

I was wondering..

1. What size is good for a small breeder? I have about 2ft long, 2ft wide and 1ft high absolute max of space to work with. I would rather smaller than larger.

2. Is 'shrimp soil' really all it's cracked up to be? I'm not looking to be shrimp breeder of the year, and would rather do a small planted with sand cap. But anyway I'd like to hear.

3. Is there any cheap LED's that I could use to grow some low/med light plants under without paying a fortune. Like a clip on style.

And thats about it really :P.

Ma sexy shrumps



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I would go with a 2X2X1 tank

but you could surely see that coming

I am liking the fluval soil

its not essential

but its part of what I am using

and what I am using is working for me.

but I can see your planted substrate being just fine

cheap LED dont usually = growth

altho for low light stuff

you should be ok

espec considering its only max of 1 foot high!

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What about two 2x1x1's end to end with little canisters on each, sponge filters and the ebay led floodlights? (Idk how to hook em up but they seem to work well) Or something like a 2ft twin aqualina fluro over the middle will be sufficient.

Substrate is up to you but they prefer lower ph and softer water so the buffering ones are a better choice, unless you have co2 or peat moss etc to lower it..

Remember the temp around 23/4 as you dont want to end up with cooked prawns like I did.

As always, pics are a must with what you do. :)

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If you look at the amazona magazine, the guy has his tigers breeding in bare bottom tanks.

I mean I love the effect the soil gives, and the ecosytem that developes in soil tanks over time is fascinating.

but you can go totally bare glass

and still have success.

a substrate of leaves

is likely their favourite lol

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The substrate will just buffer the params perfect and give Shrimplets and Adult shrimps a never ending food supply from the large surface area of it. A substrate of IAL is also suitable but it will get messy and has to be replaced often. Best to contact Dean at Bossaquaria for all your goodies :)

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i have tahition moon sand. for looks. planted tank with an open area to feed/ see the shrimp. dark soil works well. i started my tank before the shrimp soils were around. to much trouble changing to them now. but id test them if i set up another tank. go some substrate... shrimp always feeding on it.

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