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Help with fish combo? & WTB neon's or guppies.

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hi, i have a 2ft tank in my room and was wondering if i could put neon tetras in it, here is the catch tough i have a convict (female) about 1.2inch and a 2inch pleco, would it be alright to have neon tetras in there with the convict i know that the convict can be very aggressive and has bullied a black widow tetra and it died so if i have about 10ish neon tetras in there will that be alright and if not i can move her out into another small tank, also i would like your opinion which would be better about 10 neon's or about 3-4 guppies same goes with the guppies will they be alright with the convict i know that the pleco can't do any harm but defend itself i need some replies ASAP and if anyone is selling any guppies or neons then i would be interested.

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