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Eheim 2080 from AOA

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The fx5 is a good big filter

but the 2080 is the best big filter.

I can see you hugging it each night before bed

they are brilliant.

Theres a good comparison of them both here

Discus Forums :: View topic - Eheim 2080 Pro3 vs Fluval FX5 REVIEW FINISHED !

but the thing that swayed me towards the 2080 was the little bit at the base of the main review

I've had no less then 5 ...yep 5 out of 6 FX5's exhibit problems with simply stopping all together or clogging after only a couple of weeks resulting in very slow flowrates.

I now have only 1 FX5 in operation out of the original 6.

I have had zero problems or issues with the Eheims.

I must conclude that the Fluvals are not nearly the same quality as the Eheims.

unfortunately with the fx5

if you are unlucky enough to get one from a bad batch

theres not much you can do about it

a case of while they work

they are AWESOME

but when they dont

eheim gets +1 customer

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